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...When they saw the star,they rejoiced with exceedingly great joy... Matthew 2:10

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Night Ranger

The Young Marine... My brother known by the handle "Night Ranger" in 1982

Night Ranger

Even now...
That years of silence pass
between us
No words are needed,
For we both know
how things lie

We are rebels
The children of rebels
Seeped in self absorbed
collusion with chaos
Prefering constant upset
to a workable relationship

You sowed the wind,
and reaped the whirlwind.
This is how
you wanted life.
Your way
AND the highway,
for what purpose is
making your bed
if you cant lie in it as well?

The hearts you have broken
Mother sister, wives and son
Are your own heart
from a driven life

Once angry
Now past the rage
into indifference
You have embraced the madness
we both forswore...

To this end
we are strangers
my brother and I
who shared a mother's womb.
Linked by blood
and a mutual rage
we share a bent towards
self destruction...

Dedicated to my brother "The Night Ranger" on his 42nd birthday. If you are reading this then you know where to find me...

posted by Hokule'a Kealoha at 5:51 PM
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Monday, February 14, 2005

The Gift, a Valentine's Card

my husband Woody

To you Woody....

I dont have the energy
to write a poem
or go shopping
as we need nothing
but each other...
maybe that is the gift
that keeps on giving

Woody you drive me crazy, perhaps that is how God wants it...There are many things that I do not understand, about and about us... the biggest thing is how we came to be together...Yet, as we are entering this 12th season of "together" I thank you and tell you that I love you. Your actions speak louder than words at times...

You are the Iron that sharpens my Iron...

Faithful are the wounds of a friend...

posted by Hokule'a Kealoha at 5:52 PM
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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Living in the Now

Wave Break at Seaview

Living in the Now

For the last few days
my life has been simplier...

I am living in the now,
for that is all I have time to do...

Strength to do

I feel somewhat like
the wave in the photo...

Beautiful and strong...
until I crash into the rocks...

Which I keep doing again and again...

Only God knows
how this will end...

But for now I will contend
only with the rocks

of today...

posted by Hokule'a Kealoha at 9:22 PM
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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Punahele Nui (Greatly Beloved)

Waipio Valley, North Kohala,

Punahele Nui (Greatly Beloved)

You are my dream, Enchanted Isle
Earth's newest land, Your mountains hold
Secrets, both new and old
Your marvels unfold for miles.
Your land is rich, Your people smile,
God's favor shines in sunset's gold.
Tradewinds whispered stories told,
that bid you "rest awhile".
Gleaming sands of black and white-
Tree frogs trill through starry nights
Shining seas, neath round moon's face
Beloved land, hearts' resting place.

posted by Hokule'a Kealoha at 11:50 PM
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Stately Palms at the canoe launch Hilo Bay...

posted by Hokule'a Kealoha at 12:08 AM
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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Staying In Egypt

Mauna Kea Morning Reflections

Staying In Egypt

We could stay here.
We don't need to leave.
Provision could come
from the two of us.
This is, after all an
equal opportunity adventure...

We could stay here.
We could mitigate the risk.
The future doesn't look
as though it will be better.
There are, after all a
few giants in the land...

We could stay here.
And live on this Green Island.
Not take the risk of
Crossing over the Waters.
It is, after all, and unknown land-
filled with uncertainty...

We could stay here.
We could ignore the Truth.
The certainty of status quo-
The perfect weather-
that makes for apathy-
It is, after all,
only us against
Hawaiian Apartheid...

posted by Hokule'a Kealoha at 11:34 PM
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Staying In Egypt Wailoa Park Hilo

posted by Hokule'a Kealoha at 11:50 AM
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Saturday, January 15, 2005

I Know... Thoughts on the Great Tsunami of 2004

Lift me up! Laupahoehoe Point where 246 died in the great tsunami of 1946

I Know..

I know
This world is hard and full of Sorrows
More than one can comprehend
At times, Some pray
Others shout, in restive fury,
to "Cease this weary round of care..."
The Media never ends it's blast
of pain...Of suffering...Of images
of interminable rage.
The whole earth is filled with violence.
The works of man and nature seethe
No end to patterns of mind numbing death
In no place can peace be found...

But, in certainty, the sun will rise
You will bring us a new
and Awe-filled Day!
Lord, You sit upon Your throne
I know that these unfathomable things
Work towards a greater good
Much greater than
I know...

posted by Hokule'a Kealoha at 11:59 PM
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I Know

posted by Hokule'a Kealoha at 11:44 AM
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Monday, September 13, 2004

Love At First Sight... A Birthday Poem

Happy 3rd Birthday Baby Kitties!

Love At First Sight

I knew...

From the moment I first saw you,
Two Motherless balls of fuzzy fur
In a cardboard box, under a table
At the bustling Farmers Market

I knew...

When I saw you snuggled together
Tiny brother, and tinier sister
Collared with orange ribbon bows
That proclaimed you the gifts that you are...

I Knew...

When I held you in the palm of my hand
Purring, alive, totally trusting this stranger
Unselfish love, total devotion
Wrapped in tiger stripes

I Knew...

When you cried as we left you
And in the months we had to wait
For the home and the life that we longed for
That broke our hearts in missing you

Love at first sight really happens...

posted by Hokule'a Kealoha at 8:00 AM
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surprised! Nani at 5 months she no longer fits in the pouch but this is her favorite chair to sleep on

posted by Hokule'a Kealoha at 7:00 AM
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Tiny Makoa at 3 months charming even as a baby kitten!

posted by Hokule'a Kealoha at 6:00 AM
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Tiny Nani at 3 months see the packing box in the rear of the photo and how small she was her collar was doubled up on her tiny neck!

posted by Hokule'a Kealoha at 5:00 AM
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